100% Cotton Hat $16.00 Plus $8.00 S&H, Tax Included
Ceramic Cup $11.00 Plus $12.00 S&H, Tax Included
4"X5" Note Cards (10) with envelopes, $7.50 plus $6.00 S & H
(Actual Card has better resolution)
Lighthouse Bracelet $15.00 plus S& H, Lighthouse Ear Rings $10.60 plus S & H, tax included.
Lighthouse Bracelet and Ear Ring Set $25.00 plus S&H. tax included.
All Other Jewelry, Bracelets $12.75 plus S&H Tax Included
All Other Sets of Bracelets and Ear Rings $18.00 Plus S & H Tax Included
All Other Ear Rings $7.50 Plus S & H Tax Included
S&H for jewelry $6.00
More Jewelry available!
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Actual Scale Model collectable of The Jacobsville 1869 (Portage River Lighthouse)MADE IN USA
made of ABS and high impact styrene plastic, red and white color with brown ABS mounting board
Complete House side is a brick texture
Perfect size for your collection, model is scaled down 144 times from actual size
MADE IN USA personally manufactured and assembled by the light keeper rite here at the lighthouse in Michigan
model is sold in various options shown
1)Various models shown, size 6 1/2" long X 3 1/2" wide X 5 1/8" tall                                                             free standard US Mail shipping within continental USA  (call or email and I will invoice from paypal)
When payment is received item will be shipped
Will ship within 3 days if in stock (limited stock on hand)
allow up to 4 weeks for delivery if not in stock
Warning(This is not a toy, Keep away from and not for use by small children as the small
pieces could brake off an be swallowed or could become a choking hazard)

(# 1) wide base with bushes and turf  $67.99 plus tax, Free shipping within continental USA (standard US mail)no light
(#2) Lighthouse Model with blinking light and side flickering light, free shipping within continental USA, $84.50
(#3) Model Lighthouse with blinking light, no side light $74.50, free shipping with in continental USA
Frig magnet with roof snow $16.00, free shipping within continental USA
neclace charm with 18 or 20 inch chain $24.00 free shipping in continental USA
neclace charm personalized $35.00, free shipping in continental USA